SmarTestPrep is an online platform that helps talented students from any country to enroll in the best universities in the world and receive scholarships and grants. We will help you not only prepare for the international standardized NUET/IELTS/SAT/TOEFL/ACT exams, but also find like-minded people and a cozy atmosphere.

Our students have saved more than $9,000,000 and received offers from the top 100 universities in the world.


Laura Vaigorova


CEO and founder of the SmarTestPrep, 500+ successful cases of students, studied and interned at Nazarbayev University, USA and LKY SPP at NUS. IELTS - 8.5 (writing - 8.0)


Akzhol Zambayev


Chief Business Officer and product manager, he has skills in CusDev, maintaining business related processes, identifying new sales prospects and driving business growth, also He supervises Product Development team and is responsible for product management. His responsibilities also include the formulation of corporate strategy.


Meiram Zhardayev


Math teacher, more than 300 successful cases of students. A graduate of KTL Semey, a prize-winner of the republican Olympiads. In 2019, he founded the company SmarTestPrep.


Dastan Bekov

IELTS / NU ET / SAT Reasoning

Graduated from the NIS PhMS Semey with a certificate of a special sample. At the moment, he is studying at Nazarbayev University with a degree in Economics. NUET score is 181 (101 in thinking skills). Teaching experience - 3 years.


Kamila Bazarbek

SAT Reasoning / NU ET

Graduated from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, according to the Diploma program of the International Baccalaureate. Currently studying for a bachelor's degree at the Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey. IELTS 7.5, SAT Math 780. Teaching experience 3 years


Gul’nara Miribayeva


Graduated from the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs at Nazarbayev University. At the moment, she is continuing her Master's degree at the Central European University in Austria. IELTS score is 8.0. Teaching experience is 8 years.


Anula Takauova

General English

A graduate of a private Polish university. Participant of the "Work & Travel" program in the state of North Carolina. Has 10 certificates from Harvard. Teaching experience: 3 years. The highest retention rate of students in the center.


Almaz Kussainov

Product Manager

Graduate of the National School of Physics and Mathematics. A student of Nazarbayev University majoring in Computer Science. Co-founder of the Zeseku social project.


Zhaksylyk Kabashev

SAT Reasoning / NU ET

A student of Nazarbayev Univeristy majoring in Chemical and Materials Engineering. Loves logic and the structure of mathematics, with which you can identify elegant and effective solutions. He loves answering difficult questions of his students, breaking down complex tasks, finding simple and beautiful solutions in them. He can be found in the room playing guitar or in the pool at NU. Math SAT - 800/800, NUET - 184.


Daniyar Dzheksenov

SAT Reasoning / NU ET

"He graduated from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School Atyrau at "Altyn Belgi" and is studying for the 2nd year at Nazarbayev University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. GPA - 3.81, SAT 790 Teaching experience 3 years"


Ulsezim Bagdatkyzy

General English

A student of Nazarbayev University. Quarterfinalist of the international debate tournament. Loves basketball and music. Duolingo - 130


Kamila Koshimkhan


3rd year student of Nazarbayev University majoring in Political Science and International Relations. IELTS result - 8.0. Teaching experience - 3 years




Student of Astana International University majoring in "two-foreign languages" English- French. He has a TESOL ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY certificate, winner of regional Olympiads in English, volunteer at American Corner Pavlodar. "In order to educate another, we must educate ourselves first of all."


Madina Kelesova


4th year student at Nazarbayev University majoring in World Languages and Literatures (Linguistics). She is fluent in four languages, studies others and therefore helps students learn the language from her own experience. She took special courses teaching modern methods of teaching foreign languages at NU. IELTS - 8.5 Experience: more than three years of teaching English, including to foreign students.


Beksultan Kemel

Content Manager

Nazarbayev University, Political Science and International Relations major. Created content for top bloggers that hit million views (@yussupov21, @oksukpaevak). Making the Smartest content for the Smartest students.


Yasmin Doshanova

SAT Reasoning

3rd year student of Nazarbayev University majoring in World languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Technovation - 3rd place in Kazakhstan. Teaching experience - 4 years. SAT Verbal 1420


Nazgul’ Zhumabek


Graduate of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological direction. Prize-winner of the republican Olympiads in humanitarian subjects. 2nd-year student of Nazarbayev University majoring in Sociology


Adielya Bekbaeva

Head Manager

Student at Nazarbayev University. Co-founder of the social project against harassment and violence "Aiyel Bolsam"