We evaluate each students, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and based on that build a personalized step-by-step preparation plan

We define your strengths

First of all, you fill out a questionnaire with your preferences and parameters

We select the right university and program for you

Based on the data provided, we select universities and programs that best suit your interests and abilities

Build your test prep plan

Depending on the requirements of the selected universities and programs, we compile a list of necessary exams and a step-by-step plan to increase the chances of admission to the selected university.

We train you for tests

we can train you for the most demanded standardized tests such as SAT, ACT etc.

We teach you how to craft application essays

One of the most important stages of preparation is the writing of motivational and recommendation letters. We offer a course that will help you write unique letters and decide on an idea for an essay.

We collect the necessary documents to the university

The last stage is the preparation and submission of the necessary documents to the university

we await the results

After completing all the stages, you will undoubtedly receive an invitation from the University of your dreams!

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